Nov 2019

  • The lab is now part of UofT’s Precision Medicine (PRiME) initiative. Looking forward to being part of the community
  • Construction for our new lab space has finally started after >6 months of planning (>1 yr on the admin side). Can’t wait for the grand opening next year!

Oct 2019

  • Leo’s paper on nucleic-acid programmable in vitro synthetic gene circuits is now published on ACS Synthetic Biology

Aug 2019

  • Stuti is a recipient of this year’s Milligan Graduate Scholarship in IBBME, congrats Stuti!
  • Welcome Stuti, Travis, Abdulmateen, and Ryan (aka team S.T.A.R.) to the lab!
  • The beta version of the lab website is now live!

May 2019

  • The lab has been awarded an Xseed grant for collaborative work with the Treanor lab to study B cell response to 3D antigen arrays!
  • Leo visits McMaster University to give a BIMR symposium lecture. Thanks to the Soleymani lab for hosting
  • Leo visits Aalto University to attend the Nantech 2019 conference
  • The lab has been awarded the 2019 MbD New Ideas award (1 of 9 labs). We will be working with the Treanor lab to build DNA devices to elucidate B cell signaling for vaccine and regenerative medicine applications
  • Welcome Matthew Cao and Janice Da Silva to the lab!

March 2019

  • The lab has been awarded the inaugural New Frontiers Research Fund - Exploration grant from the Tri-Council (1 of 10 labs at the University of Toronto, and 1 of 158 in Canada) . We will be using the fund to build molecular computers for portable diagnostics. Thanks Canada!
  • Leo discusses the integration of DNA nanotech with synthetic biology at the MbD synbio discussion group

January 2019

  • Leo joins the IBBME Faculty!