Latest News & Updates:


  • 04-11 Congratulations Meghan on being awarded a Vanier scholarship, the most prestigious scholarship for graduate students in Canada!

  • 03-24 Check out our group photo at the annual lab “holidays dinner” at JUMP! What a great bunch to science with. Special thanks to Meghan for organizing!

  • 03-07 We celebrate Stuti on accepting the offer to join Pacific Biosciences in sunny San Diego, CA. Best of luck Stuti, be the future of long-read dna sequencing!

  • 03-02 We bid farewell to Abdulmateen, who is starting his new role as research technician III at Sunnybrook. Best of luck with everything Abdulmateen!


  • 12-17 Abdulmateen and Stuti both successfully passed their MASc defenses! Both of them delivered a fantastic oral presentation and did terrific jobs on the Q&A. Congratulations to Abdulmateen and Stuti!!

  • 11-01 A review paper on interfacing DNA nanotechnology with the immune system by Eric, Wendy, and Travis was accepted for publication in Advanced Healthcare Materials. Congrats team!

  • 10-22 Eric passed his PhD qualifier. Congrats Eric!

  • 09-08 Meghan and Shana joins the lab as Direct-Entry PhD students. Welcome Meghan and Shana!

  • 08-28 We bid goodbye to Hossen and Jason, our two summer students. Good luck with the new semester

  • 08-26 Lab BBQ at Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Center Islands. Check out the only photo we managed to take here! (And big thanks Jason for organizing!)

  • 07-22 Wendy was awarded a PRiME Postdoctoral Fellowship. Congrats Wendy!

  • 07-08 The lab receives the Connaught New Researcher Award!

  • 07-01 Wendy joins the lab as a postdoc. Welcome Wendy!

  • 06-29 Eric was awarded the Paul STARITA Graduate Student Fellowships from the Faculty of Medicine. Congrats Eric!

  • 04-01 Eric was awarded a CIHR CGS-M award. Congrats Eric!

  • 02-26 First lab social of the year, it’s going to be virtual drinks & games night!

  • 01-08 Ian joins the lab as a MITACS Accelerate funded Postdoc. Welcome Ian!


  • 11-01 Congrats to Travis and Ryan both for passing their PhD qualifiers in flying colors.

  • 09-14 After 16 months of waiting (!), our brand-new lab space is finally operational. Check out a photo here!

  • 08-26 The lab has been approved for CFI funding. See news article here

  • 08-25 Just got approval to move into our newly renovated lab space! Photos to follow. Stay tuned!

  • 08-23 Sachin Davis joins the lab as MASc student. Welcome Sachin!

  • 08-21 Eric Tseng joins the lab as direct-entry PhD student. Welcome Eric!

  • 07-29 The lab was awarded a MbD New Ideas grant to explore RNA transfer in stem cell transplants in collaboration with the Weaver, Lefebvre, and Shoichet labs!

  • 05-20 The lab was awarded an NSERC Alliance COVID-19 Grant to develop diagnostic tools for SARS-CoV-2 detection

  • 05-09 Ariel, Justin and Jianbang joins us for “virtual” summer research internships. They will be working with Ryan on computational nucleic acid design for molecular computing and FISHing. Welcome all!

  • 04-27 The lab just received approval for our first NSERC Discovery Grant!

  • 04-17 The lab joins the Task Force launched by PRiME to help combat COVID-19. Read about what the task force plans to do here

  • 04-01 The lab is 1 of 31 labs funded by UofT’s COVID-19 Action Initiative. We will be using this fund to develop better tools for SARS-CoV-2 detection.


  • 11-28 Our application for a CFI-JELF fund has been approved! This fund will support the purchase of major equipment for our lab

  • 11-04 The lab is now part of UofT’s Precision Medicine (PRiME) initiative. Looking forward to being part of the community

  • 11-01 Construction for our new lab space has finally started after >6 months of planning (>1 yr on the admin side). Can’t wait for the grand opening next year!

  • 10-01 Leo’s paper on nucleic-acid programmable in vitro synthetic gene circuits is now published on ACS Synthetic Biology

  • 08-30 Stuti is a recipient of this year’s Milligan Graduate Scholarship in IBBME, congrats Stuti!

  • 08-01 Welcome Stuti, Travis, Abdulmateen, and Ryan (aka team S.T.A.R.) to the lab!

  • 07-01 The beta version of the lab website is now live!

  • 05-31 The lab has been awarded an Xseed grant for collaborative work with the Treanor lab to study B cell response to 3D antigen arrays!

  • 05-11 Leo visits McMaster University to give a BIMR symposium lecture. Thanks to the Soleymani lab for hosting

  • 04-02 The lab has been awarded the inaugural New Frontiers Research Fund - Exploration grant from the Tri-Council (1 of 10 labs at the University of Toronto, and 1 of 158 in Canada) . We will be using the fund to build molecular computers for portable diagnostics. Thanks Canada!

  • 03-26 Leo discusses the integration of DNA nanotech with synthetic biology at the MbD synbio discussion group

  • 03-18 The lab has been awarded the 2019 MbD New Ideas award (1 of 9 labs). We will be working with the Treanor lab to build DNA devices to elucidate B cell signaling for vaccine and regenerative medicine applications

  • 01-07 Leo joins the IBBME Faculty!