General meeting rules:

  • Presenter(s) will circulate material at least one day before to lab server or Dropbox
  • Participants will review materials before meeting
  • All participants will show up on time (i.e. before or at the scheduled time)
  • Cell phones are put in silent or airplane mode during the meeting
  • All participants will take notes and participate in meeting discussions

Group Meetings

  • Purpose: social, practice presentation skills, group agenda sharing
  • Frequency: once a week. Typically Friday mornings from 9:30AM to noon
  • Agenda:
    • 30 min breakfast (provided by lab)
    • 15 to 30 min general group updates
    • 20 min literature digest presentation + 10 min Q&A
    • 30 min research update presentation + 30 min Q&A
    • Presenter will receive written feedback from group memebers

Project Meetings

  • Purpose: project update, information sharing, decision-making, problem-solving
  • Frequency: biweekly. Time to be scheduled with project members
  • Agenda:
    • Go over actionable items from previous meeting according to meeting notes
    • 10 to 15 min progress update per member (experiment + protocol + results)
    • Q&A and discussion as needed
    • Consolidate decisions into meeting notes for next meeting